As of the present, there are currently more than 1.3 billion people across the planet who have access to the World Wide Web. About half a century ago, the idea of a network which can connect everyone on the globe, seemed like a dream. The internet has offered numerous possibilities for communication, interaction, research, and even successful businesses.

Speaking of business, the potential market for any company can be just about anyone who has access to the web. For that matter, companies who want to maximize this advertising capability of the web should create their own internet presence, and that is through web development and design. Planning and implementing an effective website can provide a powerful voice for any company, no matter how small or big the business may be.

In web development and design, there are several factors to consider such as the aesthetics, the navigability of the site, the relevance of the content, as well as search engine optimization, among many others. Creating websites that are powerful tools for advertising and business must involve an understanding of the target market, and that is the web surfers of the world.

An effective web design must incorporate easy to read text, visually stimulating color combinations, links and buttons to help navigate, as well as relevant information about the company so that it can be contacted as needed. Furthermore, all pages must be linked together, remaining constant with the style theme and color scheme of the site.

There are many ways by which a website can be made, and there are infinite possibilities when it comes to the output and results. For people who know the basics of web design and HTML, they can use software and tools for site building and layout. However, for those companies who want to have an edge over their competition, hiring professional web designers is a top priority. This helps save time in web development and design, so companies can focus on more important matters.