For as low as $6.95 a month, TanaHosting offers professional web hosting services along with domain registration, web design and development, search engine optimization, content writing, graphic design, corporate branding, and website security.

Web Hosting
TanaHosting’s web hosting services starts at the very low rate of $6.95 per month and comes with free unlimited bandwidth, Awesome Stats, website builder tools, domain name, and a very quick and easy setup. It also comes with premium 24/7 customer service.

Domain Registration
Pick the domain name perfect for your site and register it with TanaHosting, at the same place where you’ll be hosting your website. This assures you of easier management, setup, and renewal.

Web Design and Development
Create professional web pages for your site with TanaHosting’s highly qualified team of web designers and developers. Whether you are trying to build a website from scratch or are out to improve the current look of your website, TanaHosting can provide optimum assistance.

Search Engine Optimization
Put your website on the top ranks of the most used search engines on the internet. TanaHosting offers competitive search engine optimization rates that provide quality results.

Content Writing
Fill your website with highly informative yet entertaining information about your chosen niche. Feed your visitors with useful data that they can rely on and come back to anytime they want.

Graphic Design
Let out your creative ideas and put them into action. With TanaHosting well-experienced graphic design team, you can come up with the most exciting images, graphics, and icons for your website.

Corporate Branding
Brand your website with the ideal name and logo for optimum customer recall. Let TanaHosting’s highly creative people help you achieve the perfect look and feel for your website.

Website Security
Online security is the most important thing today. TanaHosting offers a range of solutions to webmasters who are looking to implement the strongest security for the different tools, aspects, and applications made available on their site.